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Lowrance HDS 5 fish Finder Review

 Product's Technical Description:

 Lowrance HDS 5 can be said an all in one package as it comes with additional components like mounting bracket, installation manual, dual-frequency transom-mount transducers, user-manual guide and data power cables. It is up to you whether you want to purchase the whole package or just standalone fish-finder. Additional components may subject to enhance the unit's ability, capability, range, features and functionality. Lowrance HDS 5x has got only single SD card slot option that is for carrying the extra information or plotting maps. Its cartography option has been loaded with Inland lakes base-maps, Navionics World base-maps, and coastal areas base-maps. In addition to it, it has got super sensitive GPS antenna that has ability to detect things on wide scale. The unit can also perform a quick test to detect the surrounding's temperature so that you can move accordingly. Its 500 watt sounder system is a piece of art. It has capability of detecting sounds in deep water on wide range.

Display Details:

This unit has got 5" high resolution (480x480) display screen that is super white ultra LED. The display screen can be adjusted according to given conditions at any angle without any compromise over picture and video quality. It has got super fine quality for viewing Pictures and Videos. Its high definition display screen supports maps details with quick access to download new ones. This fishfinder comes with the details of around 100,000 bodies underwater and 5,000 lakes. Lowrance HDS 5m has been nominated as one of the best units so far from view- ability point of view in both daylight and night. During daylight, brightness of the system can be set form 1-10 levels by simply pressing push-buttons for display. However, it comes with 4 different custom plans of power saving that means if you are out of battery then you can choose the lowest level of power plan and the unit will be rebooted to lowest features and options providing you only required information. Even in night, if you select the least brightness option for the system still it has got more than above average brightness.

Control Center:

HDS-5 fish-finder unit system has been equipped with total of eight push-buttons and a keypad to browse the screen. It has got a well-organized menu with key tags including Sonar, Pages, Chart, Information and Waypoints. Overall, it can be said that this unit has got the easiest control center which is not only user-friendly but saves a lot of time on boat. Its menu is compromised over two main pages that can be switched directly by page key.

Waypoint Feature:

Lowrance HDS-5 fish finder unit system allows you to mark the desired way point to reach your destiny. Multiple waypoints can be marked at a time but one must choose separate name for every waypoint. If your desired destiny lays within the built-in information of the unit then HDS-5 will also help you by providing every suitable information, symbol, alarm, radius and depth while covering the relative distance. The system has ability to store up to 5,000 individual waypoints, 70 symbols and 7 different colors for identification of different waypoints.

Additional Information:

This unit has performed with super-fine quality when coupled to 50\200 kHz frequency with maximum power of 31 watts. Depth ranging zoom can also be viewed by 2x and 4x options. You can set up the sensitivity of sonar, depth range, ping speed, and frequency by simply pressing push-buttons. Unit has got 2x to 8x zoom but it varies according to the situation and compatibility of options. The unit offers you the split screen combination of sounder system and has ability to mark all the targets within the range with 100% efficiency.


Overall, it can be said that this fish finder has got all those options that are required to fishermen out there on boat. There are many products in fish-finder category but this system has got its own unique significance due to wide range of options. Its built-in information of lakes and targets has been appreciated by users. You can even enhance its features up to great extent by purchasing high range of additional components. It would be great if you purchase the system with variety of configuration including different types of cartography options and wide range of frequencies for transducer activity. Make the best choice before you opt for any product.

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